Blip of Awareness

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A highly advanced extra-terrestrial probe has just been captured upon its arrival on Earth. This has taken the world by storm by providing undeniable proof that there is life on other planets, and that they might aware of us.

Analyzing the incoming trajectory of the probe to understand where it came from revealed its highly eccentric orbital journey, showing that it was originally launched from our very own Solar System, many eons ago. As we proceeded to decrypt and understand the message delivered by the probe, our understanding of life has been completely shaken.

Here is the gist of our findings.

The probe was launched by an advanced Venusian civilization several eons ago, with precisely calibrated trajectory for it to return back to our Solar System and arrive on planet Earth at the present day and time.

If we look hard enough, we will be able to find signs of extinct life on Venus. They have left several gifts for us to discover on their planet. Most of these signs of life and civilization on Venus were destroyed when life went extinct there a couple of eons ago. Venus can no longer support life, it’s way ahead of Earth in terms of evolution.

Planetary orbits are not circular, but are in fact on a downward spiral. Moon is slowly falling towards the Earth. Earth is slowly falling towards the Sun. We can see this happening all the time in cosmos, if we expand our time horizon of observation.

All planets in the Solar System are spiralling towards the center. Many are remaining, many have already fallen into the Sun.

As they get closer and closer to the Sun, all planets go through continual transformations in the gravity, pressure, radiation, heat, and resulting chemical reactions. These transformations keep changing the core composition of the planets as they evolve on their journey towards the Sun.

As they get closer to the Sun, the planets go through a microscopic time frame during which their conditions become conducive to development of complex organic structures which temporarily become “aware” of their own existence. This is what we refer to as life.

The progressive evolution and eventual extinction of this “awareness” is just a blip on the cosmic time scale of the planet’s spiral journey. Mercury and Venus have already been through that phase when they were much further from the sun. They had life, with a teeming civilization and culture.

Earth is going through this phase right now.

Mars and other outer planets will also go through this in their own time, long after life on Earth has gone extinct.

There is no point searching for signs of life on Mars. It is not there. Mars is not ready to support life, it is way behind Earth in terms of evolution. It’s way soon right now, but Mars will be able to support life in a couple of eons long after we’re gone.

What we can do is to leave behind messages for the future Martians, which may be able to stand the test of time. Similar to how the Venusians have left this probe for us with all their wisdom and understanding which we can build further upon.



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